Individual & Team Services

Potential² Executive Leadership Coaching™

Focus on enhancing the leader’s communication skills and tactics to ensure clarity and effectiveness in group and peer discussions by developing additional skills to address the following:

  • Increased influence and buy-in through improved communication skills.
  • Greater clarity and confidence in communication (content, style, and voice) for improved leadership presence.
  • Identify opportunities for improved work-life balance.
  • Enhanced understanding of leadership role
  • Driving organizational strategy and vision
  • Developing direct reports
  • Develop a plan with specific goals


Potential² Life Transition Coaching™

Focus on enhancing personal value set while transitioning to the next level. By providing guidance and support to help you unleash your P², maximize strengths, and breakthrough to the next level of success. Lastly, address concerns or challenges you may have in your personal and professional life.

  • Develop value set through Top4™ model.
  • Create personal mission statement.
  • Create personal vision statement; this is your personal “I Have a Dream Speech.”
  • Draw insight on professional and personal barriers.
  • Identify personal strengths to over-come adversity.
  • Develop a plan with specific goals


Potential² Vision Casting Workshop™

In this workshop or coaching module, Selkirk Coaching & Training Group will help you build a working document to create a dream, vision, mission, and vision of where you would like to go as a leader or team. We will define a common purpose statement for everyone to use as the rally cry. In this workshop we will outline your current position, clarity about where you want to go, and create unifying strategies to go where you have planned to go and then identify specific action to take daily; creating significance in your vision. Each participant will create unifying strategies and a scorecard of significance document so everyone will know what success for the entire organization looks like.


Potential² Retreats™

Retreats are a time to focus on organizational goals, vision, mission, and future plans. What you can expect from Potential² Retreats™ is to come through the end with completing goals you want to accomplish. Potential² Retreats™ brings openness to communicate difficult conversations so teams can come together in synergy, focus, and common ground moving forward to the success as individuals and organizations deserve.

What retreat is not: retreat is not training, which is the most restrictive elements in terms of scope and function. Training is also what most people are most familiar with. Potential² Retreats™ is typically facilitated which means dialogue and participation is expected.


Potential² Roundtables™

Participants build trust and camaraderie across sectors and disciplines thereby creating success for each other and Big Sky Western Bank. There is synergy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to Potential² Roundtables™. Facilitated groups offer peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen leadership skills. By brining fresh ideas and different perspective Potential² Roundtables™ help achieve high-performance.

  • Create employee engagement progress in your business, team work and leadership skills
  • Add an instant and valuable support network
  • Receive honest feedback, advice and motivation
  • Participant growth from sharing experience and skills from other participants
  • Study principles, laws, and qualities of high-performance leaders.
  • Benefit from group accountability for filling plans and goals
  • Receive critical insights and clarity into yourself


Potential² Assessment Coaching™

We use several assessments that best fits our client’s objectives and needs. Assessments reveal consistent, in-depth and objective insights into an individual’s thinking, reasoning style, relevant behavioral traits, and occupational interests. Assessments helps leaders and teams to make practical recommendations and gives consistent language and metrics to support strategic workforce, succession planning, talent management, and reorganization efforts.


Potential² Employee Engagement Coaching™

Recent Gallup poll (2012) 30% of employees are engaged; meaning 70% of your employees are not reaching their full potential. Employees want to know you care, help, and can trust they will be given a voice. Benchmarking employee engagement is crucial to customer satisfaction and ultimately return on investment for payroll. We start with an Employee Engagement Survey which will highlight the need and provide a reason for participating leaders to embrace communication change needed to inspire and empower employees to ENGAGE! This survey creates awareness around growth areas and serves as a foundation for identifying high-impact opportunities and the developmental initiatives that will make the most meaningful improvement to the organizations. From here we provide a train-the-trainer program of Potential² Roundtables™ customized to your organization’s needs.

Our model is proven to increase employee engagement on average 20%. Meaning by increasing employee engagement by 1% payroll return on investment also increases. The hidden benefit is once an employee is engaged and is reaching their P² the initial investment of coaching continues to add to the bottom line of your organizations payroll ROI.

Employee Engagement Increase

ROI Added   Back to Payroll

            Payroll $100,000.00   | 5%

$5,000. 00

Payroll $100,000.00  | 10%


Payroll $100,000.00  | 20%

$20,000. 00

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