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“Great show once again.  Tracy has high caliber guests with the best content to encourage women!” ~ Frances Copoccia 3.10.14



 GRACEbreak: Mary Riesberg Interview



  • April 7, 2014 Face of Darkness Documentarywith Squeaky Moore and K.T. Nelson 

  Face of Darkness Documentary |Face of Darkness IndieGoGo

GRACEbreak: Face of Darkness Interview



 GRACEbreak: Elizabeth McCormick Interview



  • March 17, 2014 Barry Smith“Leadership by Invitation” 

  Leadership by Invitation

GRACEbreak: Barry Smith Interview



GRACEbreak: Marissa McDonough Interview

5 Tips for Better-Work Life Balance

1. Build downtime into your schedule.  Go a step further and schedule everything-time w/ family, work, etc.  Every hour of every day for me is scheduled.

2.  Take time to exercise at least 3 times a week.  A great stress release and energy boost.  There is ALWAYS time for this, make it a priority.   Think of the networking opportunity this can be!

3.  Do your hardest tasks early in the day, first.  Get them out of the way!  You will look forward to the rest of your day!

4.  Ask yourself, could somebody else be doing this task?  You can’t do everything, learn to delegate. (this is important in both your professional life as well as your personal life)  assistants, dishes, laundry, etc. Could you be doing an income producing activity?

5.  Recharge your battery!  1 hour a week, 15 minutes a day, etc.



GRACEbreak: Lacy Marsh Interview



  • February 24, 2014  Kim Gowdy“Who You Were Created To Be”

GRACEbreak: KimGowdy Interview



GRACEbreak: Laura Prisc Interview



GRACEbreak: Rachelle Smith Interview



  • February 3, 2014  Julie Gorman has recently launched her book “What I wish My Mother Had Told Me about Men. (Authentic Publishers)

GRACEbreak: Julie Gorman Interview 


  • Fall 2013: Bethany recently launched her book “Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved.”In Bethany’s book she brings forth the definition of GRACEbreak by refining energy, movement, and our thoughts to authentic joy. Here is our extended interview as Bethany and I take a deep dive into her book “Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved.”

GRACEbreak: Bethany Conner Interview

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