Are you stuck? Seriously, ask yourself “Am I stuck?” Statistics tell us most people working are not happy and always dreaming of a better place. So now ask yourself, “What does my dream look like?”

When was the last time you dreamed the dreams of true freedom, passion, and purpose? A few years ago I created a program called Top4; individuals and organizations identify their Top4 Values and then write their vision statement. And not just any vision statement, this is a vision of the truth they dream of.DJBC-Square-Ad-250x250 Shortly, after creating the content, training several hundred people in TOP4 my friend Michael Harbor III introduced me to Kary Oberbrunner and Kary’s book and program The Deeper Path. I noticed a change and thought pattern in Michael I did not see before and The Deeper Path brought him to a new level of thinking, not only in his business but life as a whole. By fall of 2013 and Kary has had significant impact on the way I dream and coach my clients and organizations to dream BIG. When we write and dream BIG, and yes I mean dream BIG we set the intention to bring our dreams to truth. Most of my BIG dreams have already come true so I am currently re-writing my DREAM and dreaming BIG! Fast forward to present day and I took another leap of faith to take my personal and professional growth to the next level by JUMPING to my dream job. Yes, I have owned my company for several years but I had not yet made it into my dream job. I have spent years in a corporate prison only to bring corporate America’s self-limiting beliefs with me! Day Job to Dream Job is just that a dream of dreams to our authentic self and belief. “Millions of people are squandering their talents and wasting their time in jobs they don’t love. They feel trapped and dissatisfied, afraid to risk their financial security to pursue their dreams. But anyone can make the leap from day jot to dream job – – with the right amount of knowledge, encouragement, and guts.”  ~ Kary Oberbrunner My hope is you will join me in this journey by JUMPING to your dream job. Still wondering what this is all about I have links below and Kary will be our guest on GRACEbreak Radio, July 28, 2014!

Day Job to Dream Job | Dream Job Bootcamp | The Deeper Path | GRACEbreak Interview

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