Brain Picking vs. Nose Picking

“FREE BRAINS”  This seems to be of topic lately and I found a new resource today.  Remember what works for someone else may not fit in your business model. However, reading best practices is a win/win for you and your clients.

REMEMBER: free really isn’t free.

We have all heard “hey can I pick your brain?” We have also observed the randomspiralclock commuter stopped at the light next to us picking their nose.

A dear friend of mine Elizabeth McCormick who is highly successful in her field lent me great advice earlier this year.

The advice was regarding boundaries and protecting my time. Not only does it set boundaries, protect my time, but also my past and current clients investments.

This statement has taken practice and courage;  due to the fact I am a value-adder, giver, nurturer, and over-all-making sure everyone else has what they need before my own needs. I am the one you want in the Emergency Exit Row. Do not mistake boundaries for no longer giving everything I have. This lends opportunity to give my time efficiently and fairly to my clients and family.

  • Brain Picker: “Hey, Tracy can I pick your brain?”
  • Tracy: “My clients usually pay me for that, would you mind sending me an email and I can help as my schedule allows?”

1) Those who are serious will send me an email. 2) Those who are looking for a quick fix never contact me.

CHALLENGE: Who are you letting Pick Your Brain?  Who are you letting pull you out of focus and balance? Reality, they are picking their nose while you are giving away valuable resources.

The more intentional and focused you are on your goals the better you are able to serve those who desire and deserve your time.

Look UP and OUT my Friends!

Brain Picking Resources:

Original Post: May 2014 | Edited Post: July 2014

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3 thoughts on “Brain Picking vs. Nose Picking

  1. Good point! My question is, what do you about friends who want to pick your brain? To me, it feels different than if a random person asks. Do you do anything differently in how you handle a friend’s request to pick your brain? Thanks!

    • After reading the “Brain Picking Resources”, I believe I now know the answer. Please disregard above question, unless you have something to add that differs from what’s in the links you posted. Thanks again!

  2. Jill, your question is a great one and one most of us ‘struggle’ with because our passion is to help in and out of our strength zones.
    *Helping a friend is great, and you are the only one who can set a value on your time and resources to continually give your service/product away for free.

    For me I evaluate what time I have and ask them to fit into my schedule and not theirs. I also evaluate if a person is ‘habitually’ picking my brain without reciprocal offers or just sucking up my resources. At the end of the day, there is no real cookie cutter way of addressing the Nose Picking Syndrome: decide what best fits in your business model and stand your ground.

    Best of Success and Look UP & OUT!