Are you stuck? Seriously, ask yourself “Am I stuck?” Statistics tell us most people working are not happy and always dreaming of a better place. So now ask yourself, “What does my dream look like?” When was the last time you dreamed the dreams of true freedom, passion, and purpose? A few years ago I […]

Closing the GAP

from where you ARE to where you want to BE.

Exclusively for Business Owners, Successful Entrepreneurs and C-Suite Levels who want to Soar 2 Success

Experience a helicopter tour over Dallas, a confidence course with Derby Car racing, receive communication and personality assessments, social media assessments and checklists. Hear from an intuitive strategist Laurie Polinski, communications expert Tracy Worley, marketing strategist Cathy Alessandra, PR strategist Sandy Lawrence, social media experts Debbie Saviano and Martha Giffen, featuring Debbie Mrazek as your emcee and of course International Motivational Speaker Elizabeth McCormick, your host.

The Soar 2 Success Live Event is coming to Dallas Embassy Suites Dallas Love Field

June 26-27-28
(June 25th evening- VIP reception)

hosted by Elizabeth McCormick, Former Black Hawk Pilot


Tracy Worley, Your Communication Expert

TracyWorley_Soar 2 Success 2014 Live Event Speaker

Tracy Worley is America’s leading grace coach, international key-note speaker, trainer, syndicated radio host, author, and potential² seeker, strategist and CEO of three values leadership based organizations. She works with business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders world-wide to develop potential², tailor employee engagement modules, and turn up the volume on individuals and organizations potential² personally and professionally.

Tracy knows firsthand about what it takes to find your potential², Individuals and organizations have individual cultures, stories, and rhythm – Tracy’s innovative style knows how to make it work. With a background in business management, business communication, project management, and life’s drama, Tracy found herself running a multi-million dollar organization at the age of 25.

Tracy knows from life experience the ups and downs of colossal failure and the elation of success beyond imagination.

But it’s exactly all these experiences that built character, knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive insight into individual and organizational potential². Tracy is highly intuitive, perceptive, and a world thinker in connecting what you cannot see. These gifts give her the ability to strategize with clarity where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Tracy’s expertise: training highly successful people to lead with authenticity to the desired success her client’s desire and deserve.

  • Why effective communication increases your personal and professional success
  • Strength’s revealed; become efficient in your communication strength and style
  • How to influence others to achieve the success you desire and deserve
Date: June 26, 2014—June 28, 2014
Event: Soar 2 Success
Topic: Soar2Success
Venue: Embassy Suites
Registration: Click here to register.

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