My Friend, You Have Potential²

What is Potential²? Daily I am aware of the life giving force of striving toward my potential and from this came about a book Potential². Definition: Infinite Potential (Potential²) is growing, learning, and adding value to self and others until we are no longer able to take another breath on this earth. One way to Potential² is […]

Taking a NO Inventory

When was the last time you said no to someone asking you to volunteer, participate, or come to a meeting that has nothing to do with your direct responsibilities? We all do it, and I would love to share with you it is OK to say NO!  Saying no gives you the freedom to be […]

Got Self-Esteem?

Self-Esteem ~ Do You Have a Good One? Back in my day the two words self-esteem started to become prevalent and we were told to have a good self-esteem. Today we more likely state self-esteem as self-image. As an adolescent I thought a good self-esteem sounded great so I would ask, “ok, how do I […]

Happy First Friday of 2014!

Happy New Year and First Friday of 2014! I am really excited for 2014 and just spent this first Friday recording more GRACEbreak moments! Want a sneak peak? Then click on the link below and find out why Do-Overs are a wonderful way to view life and gracefully let yourself room to learn! What has […]