Motives & Legacy

Ever wonder what your life would be like if everyone praised your success, and turn a blinds-eye to your failures? Ever wonder how some people are always praised for something you do everyday and never personally receive praise for the same task. Not that you ask for praise or feel like you will die without […]

I am a Hope Dealer

Hope Dealer? Have you ever taken hope for granted? Or ever wanted more hope to get through your day? Here is the answer: I believe in  you! Yes, you the one reading this! What is hope and why is it such a commodity to our daily well-being? Hope is the spark to our future. Hope […]

Grace and Mercy

Grace and mercy surrounds you every day. Even in the difficult moments or seasons, has lead you to this very moment! Through personal gifts, pain, and success I have found three ways to keep focus on the grace and mercy surrounding me. How to start: Gift: what area in life are you gifted? Find someone inside […]

Potential Through Your Eyes

Potential is a funny word because it means something different to everyone. When I ask someone about potential, they will reference current point of view in their life. Such as a soccer coach will comment on the teams potential of a win; a parent will comment on a child’s potential for an upcoming recital, marathoners focus potential […]

Filled With Joy

Joyful Lessons From 3 Wise Men Christmas is upon us and as we celebrate Advent and the coming of Christ I find JOY in the little things; ability to tie my own shoes, purchase groceries for our family, our pets, each-other, alpine lit glow, and I could go on. As I reflect on JOY and finding […]